The HTC U11 Plus began life as the Pixel 2 XL. To its credit, HTC still put it out after Google tapped LG and the U11 Plus has become the best phone coque samsung galaxy a3 3d HTC has ever made. To its credit, HTC still put it coque huawei p9 lite casa de papel out after Google tapped LG and the U11 acheter coque samsung galaxy s4 Plus has become the best coque samsung galaxy grand prime chanel phone HTC has ever made. The only problem is, it won’t be coming to North America.

What does it take to make a good phone great The Android landscape is littered with the corpses of good phones nobody bought, and HTC has made more than its fair share of coque samsung coque huawei p9 lite iron man a40 darty them. The HTC U11 Plus, originally destined to be the Google Pixel 2 XL, is a giant leap forward for the company. But is coque samsung j( it truly great, or just another good HTC phone Let find out; this is the HTC U11 Plus review.

About this review: coque samsung j3 2016 fille I been using the coque huawei p9 lite prime European version of the HTC U11 Plus for two weeks in Berlin, Germany on the Blau network, running software version 1.24.401.2 with the December 1 security patch. All images from the U11 Plus in the gallery below were taken on auto mode with auto HDR coque samsung 10e enabled. They have been resized for the web but are otherwise unedited.

Buy it from AmazonHaving just come from using the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, the HTC U11 Plus feels like a kindred spirit. Picked up in a dark room, about the only way coque samsung a7 2016 you tell them apart is the U11 Plus’s slightly taller profile, and thicker and heavier feel in hand.

The U11 Plus is the most contemporary looking phone HTC has made in years.

That’s not to say the U11 Plus has a larger battery than the Mate 10 Pro; it actually slightly coque huawei p9 lite housse chien smaller. It doesn’t have a larger display either; both measure six inches on the diagonal with an 18:9 aspect ratio. This situation is kind of emblematic for HTC: even when it crafts a beautiful phone, someone else manages to do it slightly better.

Comparisons aside, the HTC U11 Plus feels very much like a 2017 phone. It big, hefty, very well machined, and glorious to coque samsung galaxy a 70 look at. It finally adds smaller bezels to the HTC design language of the U11, even coque huawei p9 lite bouledogue if it doesn go quite as far as some of its competitors. Regardless, this is the most contemporary looking phone HTC has made in years.

The U11 Plus omits the headphone jack but maintains HTC BoomSound Hi Fi Edition stereo speakers.

The U11 coque samsung s7 harley davidson Plus omits the headphone jack but maintains HTC BoomSound Hi Fi Edition stereo speakers. It includes an IP68 waterand dust resistance rating and offers microSD expansion if you not using the second nano SIM card slot.

A USB 3.1 Type C port on the bottom can be used coque samsung a3 or for faster charging and data transfer, as well as with the bundled USB Type C headphones in the box which we return to a little later. Flipping it over, the highly reflective backing of the ceramic black U11 Plus is a beautiful testament to how disgusting our hands are. The fingerprint scanner is now centered beneath the single camera lens on the back due to the move to smaller bezels up front. As expected, it fast and reliable.

Unfortunately, the coque samsung galaxy grand prime infinity U11 Plus slides around on a table mercilessly, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it if you don want to find it on the floor all the time. This happened so often coque samsung grand prim during my time with it that I began corralling it on the table with my wallet, a book, keys, or any other immovable objects at hand. The same shimmying effect happens whether you place it face up or face down, so be coque samsung galaxy s5 mini silicone swag warned. Needless to say, it also a bit on the slippery side.

Unless you into microbial culture farming, you find yourself cleaning the U11 Plus a lot. The ceramic black version I reviewed got just the 100 coque samsung as gross as practically every other glass backed phone I used lately. Grabbing a case for it might be wise, especially if the slipperiness, fingerprintiness, or fragility of the whole glass sandwich thing has you nervous. HTC has kindly included a clear plastic case in the box so it a no brainer.

The U11 Plus doesn’t quite match the screen to body ratio of other modern smartphone designs, but for HTC it’s a nice step forward.

Fortunately, the metal frame of the phone has a little added texture to it, at least marginally improving grip. The power button also offers a ridged texture, making it easier to identify through feel alone. The buttons are very well fitted and sturdy to press. HTC has always made very well built phones, and the U11 Plus is no exception.

An HTC phone that finally minimizes bezel size is pretty exciting. The U11 Plus doesn quite match the screen to body ratio of other modern smartphone designs, but for HTC it a nice step forward. Looking at the HTC U11 Plus on a retail shelf very much puts it in the same league coque samsung galaxy alpha sm-g850f as the V30s, Note 8s, Pixel 2 XLs or Mate 10 Pros of this world. It features a 6 inch QHD+ SuperLCD6 panel with 2,880 x 1,440 resolution. Gorilla Glass 5 covers both sides of the phone so it just as slippery coque huawei p9 nourriture on the front as on the back, if you happen to place your phone face down like some kind of barbarian.

While the specs sheet I was originally given by HTC says SuperLCD5 and AIDA64 on the unit I using backs that up, HTC now adamantly refers to it as SuperLCD6, both on its website and in an email to me. Last minute branding changes notwithstanding, what matters is not what HTC calls it, but just how good it is.

Unfortunately, the U11 Plus panel doesn’t get anywhere near bright enough to be fully legible in bright sunlight.

Unfortunately, the panel didn get anywhere near bright enough to be fully legible in bright sunlight. It one of the most unbearably dim displays I seen in years. You manage just fine inside, but if you live anywhere where the sun comes out, you going to have issues. There some anecdotal evidence that not all displays are this dim, so you might be luckier than I was.

Viewing angles are nice and stable, although you naturally lose luminosity coque samsung galaxy j6 personnalisée as you go off center. Many hoped the HDR10 update would bump the maximum brightness up to provide the dynamic range HDR content needs, but it didn affect display brightness at all. HDR content still isn coque samsung galaxy core plus silicone swag showing in YouTube or Netflix either, so I can only assume there are still licensing deals to be worked on there. Needless to say, don buy this phone for HDR10 content or for outdoor visibility right now…

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