Huawei has been really impressing us with its P range of smartphones for a while now and the P20 Pro is the latest entry into the series.

The Chinese brand has shunned its budget image and coque iphone 6 irisée carved out a reputation for offering Apple like hardware with Android software at a premium price that puts it up there with nirvana coque iphone 4s the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other flagship Android phones.

These are the best smartphonesHuawei P30 Pro reviewHuawei P30 reviewWhat innovations does Huawei bring to the table The headline feature here is the triple coque iphone x compatible avec iphone xr lens camera, which is exclusive to the Pro model. It coque iphone xr disney princesse packs in a RGB, monochrome, coque iphone 5 contour silicone and telephoto sensor to improve the smartphone’s image taking versatility.

The Huawei also has a few stunning new “gradient” colour finishes, that shift colour in different light. It’s pretty unique.

Make sure you read T3′s review of the smaller Huawei iphone xr coque 3d P20There’s no getting around it, though, the Huawei P20 Pro coque iphone xr loutre has a strong whiff of iPhone X about it, but does that detract from an otherwise brilliant smartphone I’ve been using it to find out.

Huawei P20 Pro review: DesignThe Pro is the larger phone in Huawei’s new lineup, with a 6.1 inch screen compared to the P20′s 5.8 inch screen.

In previous years, a device with a 6.1 inch display would be too much for me, as I often prefer smaller phones, but coque iphone 6 pub Huawei has really nailed the ergonomics here. The P20 Pro is smaller than the Mate 10 but squeezes in a larger screen.

Huawei is good at making phones, and the P20 coque iphone 6 cultura Pro feels just as well made as any other premium smartphone out coque iphone xr danse there.

LG G7 ThinQ reviewThe glass back coque iphone xr wonder woman is smooth and solid, while the metal edges are pleasingly chamfered and tactile.

I find it much more pleasant to hold than the Samsung Galaxy S9, and it feels more durable too, so it’s a great premium alternative if you have similar S9 worries.

Huawei has introduced two “gradient” colourways, which shift colour depending on the light. There’s “Twilight”, which flows coque iphone 4s attrape reve between black and petrol blue, and “Pink Gold”, which transitions between, err, pink and gold.

They’re really nice options, and coque iphone xr maroc would be T3′s pick of the bunch.

Of course, bezels have been minimised as much as possible on coque iphone 8 dragon this device there’s even a notch around the front camera and speaker la iPhone X.

It is worth noting, for those who don’t want an iPhone X lookalike, there is a software option to hide the notch. This coque iphone 6 johnny creates a constant black bar at the top of the screen.

Personally, I don’t find it as intrusive as the iPhone’s notch as the bar doesn’t invade content, such as webpages, maps, or images, just the Android Navigation bar.

The only annoying thing about the coque iphone 7 victoria secret notch is that Huawei has chosen to put some permanent icons on the left side of the notch, which can easily be mistaken for message notifications.

Unlike the iPhone X, there’s a sizeable bezel at the bottom of the display, with enough space for a coque iphone 6 plus superdry home button underneath the screen.

At first I thought Huawei’s decision to retain a front facing coque iphone 5 c portugal sensor was strange, when others changement coque iphone 3gs have moved it underneath the camera, or abolished it altogether.

But after using the device I have to say it makes complete sense. The fingerprint sensor is one of the coque iphone 5c phrases fastest and most accurate out there, and is much easier to locate than the rear facing sensors.

It also allows you to coque iphone 7 introuvable remove Android’s software navigation keys, replace it with Huawei’s ‘Navigation Key’ home button, and use more of the coque iphone 6 red bull display for content.

Huawei P20 Pro review: FEATURES AND USABILITYWhile we’re on the subject of unlocking the P20 Pro, it’s worth noting that in addition to the fingerprint sensor, Huawei has included face unlock.

I was amazed at how quickly and accurately this system works. Unlocking the device is almost instantaneous, and it works seemingly impossible lighting conditions.

It still does fail to recognise me occasionally (so it’s nice to have the fingerprint sensor as a coque iphone 7 plus argent backup), and it only relies on the front facing camera, so it’s not as secure as Apple’s FaceID.

The big selling point with the Huawei P20 Pro is the triple lens, Leica branded, camera. Yep, this smartphone is packing not one, not two, but three lenses.

The innovative system coque iphone 5 slim combines a telephoto lens, colour (RGB) sensor, and a monochrome sensor.

All sensors combined, the P20 Pro has a massive 92 megapixels.

Breaking that down, it’s 24MP for the front facing camera, 8MP for the telephoto, a massive 40MP for the RGB, and 20MP for the monochrome…

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